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A progressive, ambitious, North Shore native

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Aidan Rivera is a young Staten Island native from the North Shore. Growing up in a working class household he was no stranger to worrying about heat in the winter or visiting a local food pantry. It was through his family’s struggle that he learned what can be accomplished when a community comes together. 

     In high school Aidan became aware of the importance of local politics. At 15 he was the victim of gun violence while sitting at a bus stop on the way home from school. Luckily he was not seriously injured; but some people are not as lucky. He immediately wanted to do something to make a change. He worked with local representatives and then City Councilmember Debi Rose on a couple of initiatives, the Safe Zones Program and the Ceasefire Initiative, to combat gun violence and curb violence overall. He also became a certified Peer Mediator, helping his fellow students resolve conflicts peacefully. 

     In college he became a delegate competing in several Model United Nations conferences. This taught him about issues we all face, and how to successfully negotiate and connect with people. Then, he was lucky enough to intern with local City Council Member Debi Rose. Some of his best memories include interacting with constituents face to face and solving their concerns which ranged from housing, to traffic, to healthcare.

     Next he spent time at the United Nations working with a Non Governmental Organization, IANSA, to combat small arms violence internationally. This taught him how important civil society and grassroots movements really are. He learned how true change comes from the ground up, with everyday people, fighting for what we believe in and what we need. If elected, he plans on using his skills and passion to enact necessary change.

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